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Healthy Mind

 Healthy Ways 


Are you feeling the need for New Ways to boost your motivation, positivity and well-being? We all know that following healthy habits will lead to a more fulfilling and happy life. But what do we do about those negative or damaging habits that we are struggling to break?


Join me for a FREE workshop and learn how to start moving away from unhealthy habits and behaviours that no longer serve your long-term health and happiness.

So, if you feel ready to live YOUR life by adopting more positive healthy habits, then this is the workshop for you!

What we will cover in this FREE Body, Mind, Heart and Soul - Health & Well-being Workshop:


  • 6 levels of transformational change you NEED to understand for change to happen

  • 6 top priorities for health and happiness

  • Raising your awareness of mental and emotional well-being

  • Top tips on supporting mental health 

  • Promoting self-help/resilience techniques 

  • Promoting self-care, healthy body habits and mindful eating

  • Exercising tips and facts

  • Sleep and relaxation techniques

  • Tips for good digestion

  • Importance of relaxation with stress coping tools

  • Understanding the importance of healthy relationships and connections

  • How to tap into your spirituality 

  • Information, resources and further support are available


I look forward to seeing you start your own journey to a Healthy Mind and Healthy Ways.

Date: 23rd October 2023

Time: 8.30pm - 9.15pm

Please register by emailing me at

Join via Zoom Link: ​




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