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Finding Joy in Menopause

 12 Week Menopause Transformation Programme


How to have Hormone Harmony and put an end to Hot Flushes, Mood Swings, Hormonal Weight Gain and have Better Wellness, Energy and Feel Like Yourself Again.

I’m Elaine, your Ageing Well Coach specialising in Menopause Coaching.  I am now ready to share my Menopause Transformation. Spending essential time cracking the code to control and manage my hormones and opening a gateway to healthy and happy menopause.

I am holding a 12 Week Support Programme, Finding Joy in Menopause, that will support you to navigate and master your menopause journey, sharing with you how I got hormone harmony and how you can too, without HRT.

​During puberty, new hormones enter our bodies for pro-creation purposes, and they leave our bodies during menopause marking the end of women’s reproductive years.  Menopause is a doorway to additional maturity, biological ageing, exiting the timespan of God’s pro-creation plan and design for women.

As women’s internal operating system is changing in Menopause – the hormones are altering. The body is rebooting for a new stage of life. Unlearning and building new pathways – to find joy again. Enough of the suffering – I've done it, and you can do it too.

​I designed a method to control psoriasis in my 20’s, beating an autoimmune disease, so I was confident I would find a solution and formula to control my hormones too.  That’s why I set out to dive deep into scientific evidence around menopause and found if we make slight adjustments and lifestyle changes, we can all manage this journey better.

​As part of my healthy ageing work, I found myself a healthy woman bounced with an onset of multiple symptoms at age 46-48, spending two years unprepared for the rollercoaster of exiting hormones in my body. Starting with daily exhaustion, sore joints, sore muscles, insomnia, hot flushes, mood swings and even though I hadn't changed my routines. I found how I operated in my 30’s and 40’s wasn’t working for me anymore. I battled with the wrong multiple Dr visits, and wrong diagnosis and I found myself on a big personal health challenge.


By seeking help, I put all the pieces of the jigsaw together and I found I was in peri-menopause. I designed a wonderful process and formula to personally address my hormones and a plan that any woman could use to support her menopause journey.

I have found that it is essential to do this menopause journey with the right guidance to have a better quality of life. I share about myself, my perimenopause, my hormone rollercoaster – my joy journey and I share golden nuggets of information. With my new process, I managed my menopause symptoms and the changes were remarkable. Moving from 2-3 hours of sleep a night to 8 hours again was a great result with more energy and vitality. When I started to adapt to new habits, everything changed. I am passionate about sharing my menopause transformational journey and the menopause formula that I used to support my body with hormone deficiencies.


This information is CRUCIAL for EVERY woman over 40 to understand, and you likely won’t hear it from your doctor.

​Doing a massive turnaround on menopause symptoms is unique, and I will be sharing my sleep secrets, mood enhancers, meal plans, routines, supplements and how I got my energy back. If menopause has stolen your life, and you want to get your energy and mojo back – this programme is for you. Let this programme recharge you and let’s be celebrating after 12 weeks many breakthroughs with other amazing women.

​While menopause can come with its challenges, it’s important to recognise that it can also bring positive changes and opportunities for personal growth and creativity. It's important to remember that every woman's experience with menopause is unique. While some may embrace the positive aspects, others may face more difficult challenges. Working with me, you are here to get results – Bringing the ME into menopause. Where you are right now is perfect timing.

​You are not alone – I want you to thrive and become the healthiest version of you, energetic to live out your best life with balance, connection, love and joy.

You are a powerful woman who can quickly turn things around with the right help. No need to take unnecessary medication for your symptoms. You should not expect to just live with these disturbing symptoms, medicate, grin and bear it all. No one size fits all – it took me three months to reclaim my power and get the right knowledge, and I can support you to accelerate your menopause journey – reclaiming your life back. 

This is about you getting a menopause plan – FINDING JOY IN MENOPAUSE.  It’s about getting the right information, be prepared to make informed decisions. With super effective simple systems, you can control your menopause hormones to optimise your long-term health. This programme will give you a good foundation on how to live with menopause for a happy and healthy life – yes, a RESET button. 

Do you want to hit reset?


This is a time to reflect, redesign your life, make simple changes to your habits and routines, and optimise your health.

Finding The Joy in Menopause – 12 week Programme Topics:




  • MENTAL & EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Mind & Emotions 

  • HEALTH & WELLNESS: Energy, Body, Gut & Immunity 

  • LOVE & CONNECTIONS: Partner, Family, Friends & Community

  • CAREER: Work, Career, Life Purpose and Finances


  • LIFESTYLE: Home, Socialising & Recreation

  • HRT and Alternative Medicines




12 Week Programme Benefits

  • More braver and equipped on your menopause journey

  • Better educated and aware of menopause facts

  • Understand the YOU in Menopause

  • Understand the PAUSE in Menopause

  • Feel empowered with options to make smart choices

  • Able to manage your mind and emotions better

  • Controlling your cortisol levels

  • Better gut health and nutrition 

  • A healthy eating plan and guide

  • Increased oxytocin and joy 

  • Find a new you and new identity

  • A unique menopause self-care plan

  • Design a new vision board

What’s included in the Finding Joy in Menopause programme:

  • 12 weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom

  • A Menopause Transformation Workbook

  • Ongoing one-to-one coaching support throughout the programme

  • Access to a small peer group of like-minded women to share challenges and experiences

This is a unique programme ... ONLY £700 

Save £1,300 Usual Programme Price: £2,000

ONLY £100 deposit and12 weeks @ £50 

If you would like more information, please drop me a line, book a free discovery call, click the link below or phone me on 00 44 (0) 7967 522472 

 Mastering the Menopause  

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