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I specialise in CEO and Senior Management Coaching, Strategic Development, Charity Development, Business Development and Consultancy. My solution-focused coaching can help you to find the answers to enable you to move forward successfully.


  • Performance management: Organisational improvement and development plans, project management, policy development, risk management, goal setting, motivation and time management. Bespoke team training.

  • Professional development: Career development, leadership, motivation, staff coaching and 1-1 Executive Coaching.

  • People Management: Staff performance reviews, staff coaching, implementing policies and procedures, solving office conflict, staff improvement plans, motivating employees or monthly line management mentoring and support to free up your time with other key areas of work.

  • Strategic planning and support: Facilitation and consultation days adaptable to your needs. Review your strategic plans.

  • Business planning: Explore an idea and develop a business plan.

  • Monitoring/ evaluations: Record your victories and demonstrate your impact.

  • Risk management: Risk identification, assessment and review to ensure you are legal, compliant and operating with good policies and procedures.

  • Relationship management: relationship building, partnership working, team building, collaboration agreements, stakeholder management, building your vision, mission and values. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): Understand your staff and change management. 

What does Performance coaching involve?


Performance Coaching involves professional Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy to assist you in exploring your professional development needs, discuss 1-1 support, set goals and take your visions to reality. I work with people who desire change, are committed to themselves or serving others.


I have also a team of Associate Coaches who are highly successful motivating professionals who are authors, speakers, coaches, leaders and trainers who aim to transform your organisation, your business or your charity, making a big difference to others. As an experienced solution and consultancy provider, we can support change management helping executive leaders support their clients and customers embracing professional development, marketing and operational changes.

Performance coaching benefits:

Performance coaching identifies roadblocks to achieving your true potential; Sets practical, achievable goals; Develops new skills; Identifies and maximises strengths; Develops tools to overcome weaknesses; Develops a greater understanding of your wants, needs and desires; Sense, identify and understand the emotions and reactions of others; More effectively inspiring and driving a team towards success; Addressing and overcoming negative behaviour and thought processes that create roadblock and challenges in your professional life.  


In a business context Performance Coaching can bring out the true potential of staff at all levels. Understanding how thoughts and behaviours are affected by emotions, relationships and social networks is an effective tool for enhancing performance. But it’s not all about enhancing performance it can be about building confidential, building health and well-being of staff to support your organisation in addressing issues such as absenteeism, burnout and stress.

Decide if you want ...

  • A FREE 30 minute Discovery Call 

  • A 60 minute Discovery Call £60

  • A 90 minute Performance Coaching Session £100

  • Half Day Session £250

  • Full Day Session £400

  • Coaching Programme

  • Accelerate Coaching 12 Week Programme (For Coaches)

Click here and download my coaching leaflet for more details or book a session by clicking on this link:

I can support you with your professional development: business planning, charity development, strategic planning, project development, professional development, career development, team building, office conflict, improvement plans, workshop facilitation, bespoke training, fundraising and 1-1 Executive Coaching.

What is Performance coaching?
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