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Hi my name is Elaine Curry. I’m a qualified coach and consultant - specialising in personal and professional development.  My Passion: Transforming Lives – Building Communities.  My Vision: Everyone is living their best life with joy, health, purpose and serenity.  My Mission: I am committed to helping people and communities develop personal and professional plans – empowering and inspiring them through coaching, mentoring, consultancy and training. 

             Elaine is an inspirational and compassionate person who transformed her own life and become an empowering woman with a healthy positive mindset. Elaine LOVES helping people achieve their full potential offering the right guidance and offering 1-1 life coaching, transformational programmes, professional coaching and support packages”


My Life Purpose 

To be an inspiration for growth and transformation, creating a better life for people. Success to me is genuinely working to help people seek clarity and find solutions to challenging circumstances and complex issues.


My Experience

With my training and education in Psychology, Sociology and Health & Social Care this led me to a career in the Voluntary and Community Sector where I provided effective development and management to committees, board of directors, employees and senior management.

I found my talents and passions in strategic planning, people management and later coaching people during the critial stages of their lives. During my working life, I continued to study and became an NLP Practitioner giving me an excellent ability to communicate with others with an important mindset for life, work and business. I progressed in my career with additional training in leadership, mentoring, facilitation, supportive living, mental health and coaching. I completed an Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Investment in the Third Sector assisting with executive coaching and strategic planning.


I have two decades of experience in personal and professional development, offering many uplifting empowerment programmes and support packages. I have a great passion for coaching amazing people to address new projects and programmes. I am a mentor for Women in Business NI.


I want to make a positive difference to someone every day - this drives me to spring out of bed in the morning! I am very passionate about helping others through difficult circumstances and I am the go-to person for help, advice, clarity and direction. Specialising in Finding Your Life Purpose, Emotional Wellness, Ageing Well and supporting women on their Menopause Journey.

Transformational Coaching

Life issues I can support people with: Anxiety, depression, overwhelm, life changes, relationship issues, breakups, divorce, domestic violence; health issues, change their career, career issues, transitions and challenges, financial worries, anger, stress, bad habits, lack of confidence, lack of motivation, loss of focus, frustration, struggles and negativity. 


I love sharing my own positive transformational journey with deep lessons on how to have a powerful positive mindset. Specialising in Mastering the Menopause, Controlling Psoriasis and Ageing Well. I understand the importance of overcoming health challenges and how to live with better health and well-being.


Performance Coaching

Professional development I can support you with: business planning, charity development, strategic planning, project development, professional development, career development, team building, workshop facilitation, bespoke training, fundraising and 1-1 Executive Coaching. Working with Councils, Enterprise Centres, Third Sector Organisations and new businesses. 


Clients: I work with individuals, coaches, executive and senior management staff who desire change, and who are committed to themselves or serving others.


Click here and download my coaching leaflet for more details.

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