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Many of us feel challenged with life decisions and issues, so we all need to invest in our personal development to assist and transform our lives. I use holistic transformational practices to support people to reach their full potential – offering a unique blend of knowledge, tools and skills to transform people to become the best version of themselves - motivating and encouraging people about balance of mind, body, heart and spirit.

Life issues I can support you with

Anxiety, depression, overwhelm, life changes, life decisions, relationship issues, breakups, divorce, domestic violence; health issues, change their career, career issues, transitions and challenges, financial worries, anger, stress, bad habits, lack of confidence, lack of motivation, loss of focus, frustration, struggles and negativity.

Coaching is for you if you are feeling confused, dissatisfied with an area of your life.  Transformation coaching is a great option for deep self-development and a starting process for change to access all that you need to achieve what you greatly desire.

Decide if you want ...

  • A FREE 30 minute Discovery Call 

  • A 60 minute Coaching Session £60

  • A 90 minute Transformation Session £100

  • or decide on a Coaching Programme (Prices Vary)

Click here and download my coaching leaflet for more details or book a session by clicking on this link:

Transformational Life Coaching is a process of inquiry and personal discovery to work on areas of your life important to you, building your level of awareness and responsibility, as well as providing you with structure, support and effective feedback.


Coaching is a process of goal-setting and strategic action that leads to behavioural change and better outcomes in your personal and professional life. 

What is Transformation coaching?
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