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The Art of Living - Lessons for a Liberated Life:

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About me

Hi my name is Elaine Curry, I’m a qualified Transformational and Performance Coach - specialising in personal and professional development. I work with people who desire change, are committed to themselves and serving others. If you have a desire to makes change happen - let me support and guide you in the right direction. You have found a unique site to support your personal and professional needs all on one website.

SPECIALISING IN: Transformation and Performance programmes. I can help guide you to get clarity, focus and take the necessary steps to set and achieve your life or work goals with the right professional approach. “Gain clarity and the right support for what really matters” Take the right steps now to discuss your issues, challenges, ideas or visions. Whatever your personal or professional development needs - connect with me and let’s start working together. It could be managing menopause, stress, anxiety, relationship issues or planning for your future career or a new project.  Just book a free discovery session to explore how I can help you.

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Life Coaching, Goal Setting, Vision Boards, Relationships, Health & Well-being, Emotional Wellness, Finding Your Purpose, Transformational Programmes

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Executive Coaching, Career Development, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Project Management and Evaluations

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