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Women Made for More

 12 Week Life Transformation Programme

12 Week Life Transformation Programme: Reset, Reenergise, Remotivate and Rebuild a New You.

For women who desire positive change and are committed to themselves and those around them. Starting Thursday 13th May 2024.


Have you had that gut feeling that you were meant for more? I am not talking about just more money, more things, more friends… I am talking about MORE Joy, MORE Peace, MORE Energy, MORE Choice, MORE Balance, MORE Boundaries, MORE Meaning, More Faith, MORE Adventures and MORE Connected. What is your MORE?

As a qualified transformation and performance coach specialising in personal and professional development, my passion is to empower, inspire and transform the lives of stressed or burnt-out females.  By embarking on a process of gaining clarity and building physical wellness, you can activate a more positive lifestyle to bring greater personal fulfilment, joy, purpose and meaning to your life.

I have developed this programme over the past 5 years. Yes, I’ve created a 12-week life reset challenge that is unbelievably powerful and am seeking 10-15 women who feel ready to transform into the person they always wanted to be.

We are all obsessed with learning, reading new books, taking on new courses and watching online webinars and multiple videos but are we actually experiencing positive personal transformation? ​We need to recognise the difference between learning and transformation - learning may build skills and knowledge however transformation will change you, change your world and take you to a whole new level of performing.

I invite you to explore this difference and let me share with you my own transformational journey. I invite you to grow, live your soul’s purpose, improve your relationships and better serve others through embarking on your own personal transformational journey.

For over 15 years, I have been coaching many people on their health and wellness journey.  the aim of this programme is to help women rebalance their energy to return to a state of balance – in a specific group setting.

So, let me ask you a few questions:

·  Do you desire to change your life?

·  Do you need to reclaim your life back?

·  Do you need a new life plan that works?

·  Do you want to attract greater fulfilment in your life?

·  Do you want a happy, joyful and successful life?

·  Do you need a coaching programme personalised for you?

·  Do you want to create a life you will love?

·  Are you ready for a total transformation and BIG LIFE CHANGES?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES – this is for you!

This programme is for WOMEN WHO WANT MORE.

MY VISION: Women are living their best life with serenity, purpose and fulfilment.

MY MISSION: To help women develop life and professional plans with clear goals and accountability, supporting balance and success in their personal and professional life – inspiring, leading and empowering them through coaching, mentoring and training.

MY APPROACH: To be an inspiration for personal and professional growth leading to transformation and creating a better life for women.

Join me and become part of an amazing group of supportive women and receive incredible personal development tools for you, your family and your future! You will have me as your personal coach and your mentor.

I'm really looking for a close community of women like sisters who desire BIG Transformation – the programme is full of amazing coaching material for you and others you wish to share them with.

Throughout the 12 week programme, we will focus on 6 key pillars of your life and 6 critical areas of wellness.

  • Mental and Emotional Wellness

  • A Healthier Body

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Career, Life Purpose and Finances

  • Spirituality and Identity

  • Lifestyle and Balance

Plus, get a copy of my new ebook – The Art of Living - Lessons for a Liberated Life, plus a copy of my updated The Art of Living Transformational Workbook – my best resource for transformational coaching and a workbook that can be used for yourself or coaching others.

I will be covering the 6 key elements of transformation to supercharge your energy and together we will work through 6 essential transformation levels:

No. 1. Emotional Level: addressing current emotions and personal issues to identify current burdens and barriers. Explore and get to the core of the issues causing you to be out of balance. Releasing old emotional patterns that are destructive and often impacting both your physical and emotional health.


No 2. Mental Level: exploring any thoughts you have – old stories not serving you – looking at your belief system and how it could be holding you back from moving forward with freedom.

No 3. Behavioural Level: addressing unconscious habits – your actions in the subconscious – helping you by encouraging new habits. One of these is looking at Wellness - full of healthy body wellness tips - also Lifestyle and Financial FREEDOM. Examine and recommend changes to lifestyles that are not supporting spiritual or emotional goals including diet, environmental, energy, emotional and physical aspects.

No 4. Spiritual Level: We are all spiritual beings - I believe there is a higher power beyond our own power – it’s a sense of HOPE tapping into God His identity and knowing our own value system. We will look at relationships - helping to create harmonious homes and future relationships.

No 5. Skills Level: gifting you with the best knowledge and tools to become a balanced role model at home and at work.

No 6. Identity Level: clarity on your self-esteem, confidence and purpose. Igniting your feminine INNATE POWER and finding your true purpose in life.

SOUNDS GOOD? Contact me TODAY to find out more, or click on the link below.

Remember, there are only 10-15 places for women who are ready to become the person they want to be in 2023. So, if you are a woman looking for positive change in your life, then send me a message! It’s your time to transform!


What’s included in the programme:

  • 12 weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Ongoing one-to-one coaching support throughout the programme

  • Access to a small peer group of ten like-minded women to share challenges and experiences

  • A copy of my new ebook The Art of Living - Lessons for a Liberated Life 

  • A copy of my updated The Art of Living Transformational Workbook

  • A personal invitation to join my Women Inspired support group.

This is a unique programme ... ONLY £700 

Save £1,300 Usual Programme Price: £2,000

ONLY £100 deposit and12 weeks @ £50 

This is a genuine introductory offer to start your transformational journey. Each session is currently delivered via Zoom so you can take part in the comfort on your own home or office.  The same programme is also offered to local women who prefer face to face group coaching and wish to come together in person.

This beautiful programme is highly recommended for all ages of women who need or seek change in 2024 – invest in yourself and experience a return like no other programme!


There are no accidents in this life, and it’s no accident that we crossed paths today! We were meant to meet - you were directed onto this programme and the path to work with me to achieve lasting positive change.

If you would like more information please drop me a line, book a free discovery call or phone me on 00 44 (0) 7967 522472 

 Achieving the Life You Desire And Deserve!

Click here to Book now 




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